Andy Timmons

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Photo of candidates

National Convention Sentiment

Using the Google NLP API to analyze Clinton and Trumps convention speeches.

Photo of a clock

Time To Live

An app for mindfulness of your mortality

Photo of Classy Robots project

Classy Robots

Building a face detection algorithm with sophisticated taste using OpenCV and Python

Photo of 3d printing Project

DIY relief

Solve your niche problems with 3d printing

Photo of Bikelanes Project


Comparison of bike lane and car lane coverage in the 20 largest US cities

Photo of Processing sketch


Sketches in p5.js, the web version of processing.

Photo of Wikimaps Project


Geocoded Wikipedia articles overlayed on Google Maps. A fun way to explore the world around you

Photo of Squares and Circles Project

squares & circles

Quick art mashup. Photos by @mrmrs_, music by @apparatofficial, @loudgif inspiration from @heyitsgarret